ontario heritage tool kit

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Your Community, Your Heritage, Your Committee
A guide to establishing and sustaining an effective Municipal Heritage Committee

Heritage Property Evaluation
A guide to listing, researching and evaluating cultural heritage property in Ontario communities

OHTK Heritage Property Evaluation.pdf OHTK Heritage Property Evaluation.pdf
Size : 9117.063 Kb
Type : pdf

Designating Heritage Properties
A guide to municipal designation of individual properties under the Ontario Heritage Act

OHTK Designating Heritage Properties.pdf OHTK Designating Heritage Properties.pdf
Size : 7796.712 Kb
Type : pdf

Heritage Conservation Districts
A guide to district designation under the Ontario Heritage Act

OHTK Heritage Conservation Districts.pdf OHTK Heritage Conservation Districts.pdf
Size : 7408.174 Kb
Type : pdf

Heritage Resources in the Land Use Planning Process

Explains cultural heritage and archaeology policies of the Ontario Provincial Policy Statement, 2005.

Heritage Places of Worship
A guide to assist in the conservation and protection of all heritage places of worship in Ontario.

OHTK Heritage Places of Worship.pdf OHTK Heritage Places of Worship.pdf
Size : 9366.161 Kb
Type : pdf

Financial Incentives for Conserving Built Heritage

Andrew Jeanes, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Ontario Financial Incentives.pdf Ontario Financial Incentives.pdf
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Type : pdf