sykes cottage

Built 1860 by Sykes Family
634842 Pretty River Rd
near Rob Roy
(private residence)


The Sykes family operated a saw mill on the property where they also built this home. It is believed the house was constructed using timber milled on site. The mill operated for some 80 years and used both water and stream power. It was one of numerous wood mills operating on the rivers of the area, most of which had ceased operations by the 1970's. After early 2000 construction of a larger home on the property, the heritage designation preserved the cottage from demolition and it is now used as a guest cabin.



The “board and batten” frame structure is representative of basic farm houses built by the earliest pioneers to meet the minimum requirements in order to obtain a crown deed. The story-and-a-half structure provides an upper sleeping area which in the earliest days may simply have been a loft accessed by a ladder. Gable windows and the dormers would improve ventilation and light upstairs which in many cabins was uninhabitable due to smoke.


May 25, 2004: bylaw 2004-31 (Municipality of Grey Highlands). Specific features protected under the bylaw are all building elevations including the original exterior and interior features: primary staircase, original wood trim, original wood floors, and original wall. (By-law is prior to 09-2006 so no statement of attributes).


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